Big and Little Things

What seemed unbearable the first night, I now look forward to. Waking up and hearing the sounds of the roosters usually first, then the music starts. It is on a loud speaker and it sounds like chanting. Then there is the story told usually by a man which I think is some myth or story of heroism or overcoming evil that probably teaches a lesson to build character. Then some jingly music that I imagine get people moving. And that is what starts between 4:30 and 5 each morning and goes until about 8:30. It is fascinating to me and after I remove my pillows, take out my earplugs, turn off the fan, I open the windows to see life in full swing outside my window. It is colorful and busy and the mixture of animals, people coming and going draws me in. I am even witness to a new red motorbike that is parked where the old used to be and there is a goat usually punched on the seat. I could go on with stories I think is happening from what I am seeing.

It is Friday night and we had a lovely pranayama class with Raj Laxmi which before that I observed a women’s class at a Level 1. Lots of forward bends since it is the second week of classes—–which means forward bends. After pranayama it is back to the apt. for something to eat and the man arrived to deliver yoga bloomers for all 3 of us! We then returned to writing notes from classes taken and observed today.

A treat this week on Tuesday afternoon was a talk by Geeta. She has not been teaching and made a surprise visit to talk. We were told to wear yoga clothes but not that Geeta would be there. She talked about her father, BKS Iyengar, and his early years of teaching and how he got started and developed as a teacher. She encouraged us to be curious and learn form our own practice more than from what other teachers say. Otherwise, we don’t develop depth and maturity as a teacher. She recommended studying with one teacher and develop that relationship over time instead of jumping form one teacher to another. She is so passionate and her love of yoga comes through so clearly. There are rumors that Abijata, her niece, is pregnant. That is exciting!

Wednesday my apt. mates and I were invited to lunch at our landlady’s apt. It is very nice and she had a lovely meal. It started with these small puris that have a hole in the top that we stuffed with potatoes, lentils, and some lovely sauces or chutneys. They are called Pana puries and are seen on the street sold by venders. That was followed by rice, dal, veggies and between courses some fried puffs of garbanzo flour and seasoning similar to a falafel. Dessert was mango ice cream on a stick. She lives just a few apts. down where some “luxury apts.” have been built in the last 5 years. I’m sure beautiful inside and such a dichotomy of the little community behind me which is also behind these new buildings. So much wealth and money in close proximity to a street that looks like a rural setting. For us in our apt. we prize a small plastic bag for our wet garbage so that is a deliberate intention to get a bag when buying produce and veggies so we can use the bags. Because there is no air conditioning the windows stay open during the day. Screened of course, but it is very dusty all the time. So ventilation is more important than a dust free living area. We do use the water from the facet and boil it for tea. Drinking water can be boiled and then cooled and we do have a big plastic container of drinking water, but mostly it is water from the tap that is boiled first. It is late and tomorrow morning is the women’s class at 9:30 am. Sunita will probably teach and it will be forward bends. Thank you for the emails and I love thinking about you all and classes and what lovely people I know in our yoga community!!

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