A Day in the Life of a Yoga Student in Pune

All is going well! The classes are great and it is interesting the diversity of students and where they come from. There are more and more Asians and a large group of students/teachers from Japan and they have their own interpreter. This is new for me. In class it is now announced if you don’t understand English find your group and get them to explain. There are large groups from Poland, Mexico, Russia, China, and everywhere else in the world. Today a women who was looking lost in class said she was from Thailand and the Japanese interpreter couldn’t help her. That was what we found out.

This morning, Saturday, was the Women’s Class. Sunita taught the class and did an excellent job. She seems to be coming into her own. The classes are two hours and this was standing and seated forward bends. Basic instruction, clear and precise with demonstrations on what is being taught.
Sunita could see the Japanese students weren’t getting the instruction and had them go to a wall with the interpreter and she taught them separately and we all learned. Different body types and different instruction needed for them to get the benefit of the poses.

After class my apt. mates and I took a rickshaw to a restaurant that serves only tali platters. The food comes on a round metal tray with small bowls of
a range of Indian dishes: dal, several vegetable dishes, curried potatos, curd (yogurt), chutneys, chapati,and rice. It is a lot of food and it keeps coming as long as you want. It is like an “All You Can Eat” in America. There is a mango pudding or custard for dessert. After lunch we took a rickshaw to a small business that cells yoga bloomers, shirts, props, etc. where we all bought stuff. After we got home we went up on the roof to watch the community that is out my back window. So interesting and beautiful to see. It was becoming dusk and some people were dressed to go out. There was a group of gentlemen sitting in a circle talking and drinking tea surrounded by the large herd of goats. It’s colorful and compelling. There are thousands of birds of a range of sizes,including large and baby bats flying over. It’s quite a show.

Being Saturday night we walked in the park which is across from our apt. and just a couple of blocks from the Institute. It was packed. Saturday night and everyone is out, young and old, sitting, walking, running visiting. Younger people on their cell phones. Sounds familiar! And in some places the birds are so loud it is deafening. Next stop home and in by 7. Tomorrow, Sunday, is a free day with nothing at the Institute. We all need a break and perhaps sleep in if possible!

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