Iyengar Sitings

I have just finished Day 5 of being in Pune. So far it has been great and each day I am less tired from travel and time change. Jeanne Kennedy from Louisville, KY is sharing the upstairs at the Shahani’s and we are having fun going to classes, cooking and eating together. Our schedule of classes are 7-9 am with Prashant on Mon., Tues, and Thurs. mornings followed by a practice session until noon. Then at 4 there are Remedial classes which were formerly called the medical classes. After that is a public class that we stay and observe and walk home by 7:45 or 8. Wed. and Saturdays from 9:30 to 11:30 is the women’s class, but now the men can come and do the class in the back row. Friday morning no class, but open practice in the morning and then pranayama class in the evening, followed by a class to observe. There is plenty to observe or participate in and afternoons are for resting before returning to the Institute, a short walk from the Shahani’s.

There are always new things or things done differently which makes sense since its been two years since I was here. Walking up to the Institute the first time Saturday I was surprise to see the Iyengars home has been painted. A bright olive and yellow and it looks  great. I thought they must have called in some student who is a designer. The next surprise was seeing Mr. Iyengar sitting in the front door-a very small one–watching students walk up. I had heard he was not well and it was so good to see him. What I didn’t see was he was sitting in a wheel chair. Jeanne pointed that out later. I went over and gave a honoring Namaskar. It was so good to see him and probably uplifting for him to watch his Institute fill with students coming in from all over the world. Then on Monday he was again sitting in the door and his granddaughter, Abijita, was standing with him. Again I went over and said it was so good to see him out. He looks good to me and I don’t know what is illness it. Geeta has not been seen, until tonight. She was in China teaching recently and I was told recovering.  Abijita was in the Remedial classes tonight and as I was leaving I saw her baby boy in Geeta’s lap in their living room. I hear Geeta is very fond of this little one. So she is baby sitting perhaps!!

The classes have been great. Raj Laxmi taught the women’s class on Sat. Aug. 2 and Gulnaz taught this morning’s women’s class. Both were excellent. The long time assistants are rising to the occasion and teaching beautifully. It seems calmer and more organized at the Institute. Class schedule a little different, no one teacher teaching too much. It seems teaching is being spread around so no one or two people are doing it all. I think of how Geeta did it all! And now this next generation need a staff to do all she did.

Now all the Iyengars have been seen, at least in their home, probably 25 ft. door to door to the Institute. So close and their presence felt and  remembered. Today Mr. Iyengar was lying on a cot in his front door area. Perhaps asleep, but not sitting up. Getting fresh air and close to the Institute and he can hear the teachings floating out of the windows most of the day and evenings. It is great to be here and I am more and more in the groove of the day to day practicing, listening, observing. Slowing down which is a luxury of time to do all of this. Grateful to the Iyengars and all they have contributed to the practice of yoga. I will check in soon. Much love   Lou


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