The Iyengars!

My first few days of classes I watched how I kept saying this is different and this is different from the last time I was here. Comparing and creating that dual thinking that the Sutras keep giving us practices to avoid doing—this is good, this is bad, now its hot and now its cold, right, wrong–the ways the mind works that keeps us from being present to what is. So the class schedule and teachers are different and not what I was expecting or really wanting. But I keep talking to myself and reminding myself that I can learn from anything that goes on, and its true. There is so much to observe and read and study and practice for a lifetime! So I added to my schedule observing the medical classes every afternoon (which are now called remedial classes-there I go again!) And observing some of the classes the assistants are teaching who are now teachers. And thinking their classes might be some of the best. Geeta is not teaching except if she is feeling up to it on  Friday nights the pranayama class, but some were doubtful about this Friday because she has had a cold.  Wednesday morning  Mr. Iyengar and granddaughter, Abhy, taught the women’s class and it was great. Mr. Iyengar looks great and is in the practice sessions doing his practice and then having fun getting Abhy in a pose and asking questions to stimulate his coterie of students surrounding him to think and investigate and discuss what is happening. It is so wonderful how he keeps evolving and pushing forward and taking those willing with him. He is there and anyone can watch and listen and learn what he’s interested in that day. The remedial classes are for people who have physical issues who come and have Geeta write out a practice and then they do it with help from an assistant and some of us who can bring props and move things around for them. It is very interesting and I look forward to those classes. There is a yoga class everyday except Sunday and a practice session everyday except Sunday so lots of yoga time. Then the remedial classes and observing another class of more beginner classes. There is as much to do and learn as one can take in. So Geeta did show up Friday night and taught the pranayama class which she is so good at doing. And then the greatest surprise is she taught the women’t class this morning. All about shoulder blades! and she is a great teacher. I learned so much and its all basic and helpful stuff that takes us a little deeper with what we know and layers on top of that, building our intelligence and self knowing. I am getting into the schedule now and what and who ever teaches will be great. The Iyengars will see to it!

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