The Iyengars!

One of the first things I noticed being at the Institue was Mr. Iyengar was in his usual  spot during the practice sessions 9-12 a.m. most days. This being back near the prop room with the trestle in front and the iron grill work behind him covering the windows that are open. He can see everything and everybody. He has his group of assistants who get his props and help him set up his poses which he stays in for long periods of time. If his granddaughter is there, he has her doing poses and he teaches from what she is doing. If she is not there, like this morning, he finds another assistant or as today, a women with neck issues. He got her to do some poses and pointed out things to look at that were issues he could use to teach those gathered around. Most of us come out of our  practice and go watch because he is the master and continues to teach and learn himself. We all benefit. It is also so wonderful to see him so passionate about yoga. Last Friday 7 of us were asked to proofread some of the sutras in a text of his new book on the sutras-The Love of Yoga. I think this is the name. It is suppose to be out in Oct. And the proofreading was using his Light on the Yoga Sutras and making sure they were copied correctly. The Sankskrit scholars did the important reading! Well, he was down in the library where we were to do out proofreading–a tiny little space with books on shelves everywhere. He was writing and I am sure to anyone who writes him. He is amazing. And still cranking out a new book! Geeta is a lovely surprise. She hasn’t taught all summer so I wasn’t expecting to see her, but she has taught Pranayama classes on Friday evenings and 2 of the women’s classes. She is half the size of when I last say her in Portland 2 years ago! And a brilliant teacher and teacher’s teacher. Prashant is the same. Still funny and laughing at his own wit and clever play on words. His human observations are hilarious and so true of our human condition. Probably the biggest surprise was hearing Abhy’s (Mr. Iyengar’s granddaughter) teaching. She has found her own voice and  authority which I have not seen in the past. She is definitely an Iyengar in her style and presentation of yoga. Like the other Iyengars she projects well, commands your attention, makes sure everyone is getting the teaching  and does not allow for anything less than what you can do! She also is part of the medical classes on certain days. So there are lots of changes at the Institute. Most of the once assistants are now teaching classes–and really good ones. I am observing some and taking some. The rains still come and go intermittently through the day and night, a lovely straight down rain that is often like a mist. The sound of the rain is soothing and at home we don’t get rain like this! So off to bed for me. It is Krishna’s birthday today and the Mandir/temple across the street is beautifully lighted and I hear singing coming from there occasionally. The Shahani’s are there and will be throughout the night. Happy Birthday Krishna, Hare, Hare Krishna!

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