Some things never change… maybe

Because of past trips to India, it is impossible for me not to compare other times and how it used to be.

Now there are cars and more cars.  Tiny little cars, some made in Japan and TATA cars and trucks made in India.  The other day out in a rickshaw, I noticed the rickshaws are still competing and instead of just rickshaws, bikes and motorcyclec, there are now all these little cars competing for space.  The roads have been rerouted one way on many of the larger roads to help traffic flow.

Something else I noticed, that even though there are less saris worn by the women -except the very wealthy and very poor- the women where scarves on their heads wrapped much like a burka.  It is interesting how they wrap them so stylishly and only slits for the eyes. So the women/girls still find ways to wear the scarf and wrap it around them.

When I walk to the little store for groceries and water I haul it all back and I feel like the women who carry these huge baskets and bags on their heads as you see oftern in pictures. I can relate.

My car to my kitchen is much closer than the little store and where I live here.  But it is doable and I am like the other women carrying  just what I need home.

A few other things that I have felt touched by are how the Iyengars use people around the institute who have some disability and yet have a role that they contribute to for work.  It is thoughtful and touching.

Yesterday at practice. Mr. Iyengar didn’t show up, so the assistents now teachers, started practicing and experimenting and it was fun to see them having fun,  experimenting with things and all trying it out.  The hall was more lively, without Mr. I there!  Most people are leaving today and tomorrow.

This is pranayama week, so more restorative and pranayama. I don’t know if that will continue or not. Prashant’s classes are always unpredictable so I will see what my last week will be.

New people will be arriving so standing poses will start Wed. the 1st and Thurs.  I will leave after the Thursday morning class for Mumbai. Then on to the states.  I am glad to be able to see you all and teach some of what I am getting from here.   I am not sure what that is at the moment , but it comes out eventually and gradually.

Love to you all,


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