Holiday in India

Today is Independence Day in India (from England) I did ask. It is also Sunday so things are a little quieter here.

I am love the house I stay in here. This is the first time I am on the second floor of this large home and I share it with Kamal, an older Indian women who works for the family. She sleeps on the floor in the kitchen and cooks and cleans. It has been very interesting to share the kitchen with her. This is her space and she has her ways of doing things, and I of course have mine.. We both have been doing a good job of compromise and I will miss her preparing the vegetables

I am cooking and cleaning up after I cook and eat. There is a third floor, which is where I have stayed 3 other times, but I love this floor. I have the kitchen which is large, and a lovely covered porch which I am on all the time with my tea and a book.

Mostly I go to classes which are 2 hours, some days 2 classes and then a practice for 2-3 hours. This is more yoga than in the past.

Maybe they are offering more options since Geeta is not teaching. My afternoon are free and I rest and read, study.  Yesterday, Sat., was the first time I went out shopping and looking.  Class emphasis has been on the foot! And lots of basic teaching which is wonderful to hear, review and practice. Not much rain in this monsoon season, although I heard it rained a lot before I arrived.

I think of you all often.

Much love,  Lou

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