Teacher Training 2017 – 2018

Teacher Trainings will meet 4 weekends in 2017-2018:  

November 4 & 5, January 6 & 7, March 17 & 18, and June 16 & 17.


  • 10:00-11:30 Level 2 Asana Class
  • 1:00-3:30 Philosophy & Pranayama


  • 9:30-4:30 Teacher Training, including 2-Hour Asana Class

Practice and training for new and experienced teachers for development of understanding of the poses and refinement of teaching skills.   Teacher training includes asana classes,  small and large group asana study and teaching practice, anatomy & physiology, pranayama practice, and group discussions related to yoga philosophy. There will be personal homework assignments prior to each session, including asana study and practice and philosophy reading and writing assignments. 

One year of study with a certified Iyengar teacher is recommended prior to attending the teacher training classes.

$800 for all 4 weekend sessions.  

Contact Lou for more information.

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